Expected release 2016!

The divorce rate in police families is extremely high. The life of a police officer is wrought with stress and anxiety over unexpected shifts, missed family functions and the high risk of death. When an officer accepts an even more risky role, the stakes are higher. The regular public has no true understanding of the sacrifices police families make to ensure the safety of their community. SWAT Wife is written by Elizabeth Petrucelli, who has been a part of the police family for over 15 years. Her husband has been a SWAT officer for over 12 years.

Elizabeth with share her stories with you on what it’s like to be the wife behind the badge as well as stories of SWAT incidents her husband participated in. She will share with you an untold story regarding the Aurora Theater Shooting involving James Holmes. By writing this book, Elizabeth hopes to help others understand the real struggles police families endure.