As a Catholic who has experienced two miscarriages, I was quite lost from the Catholic perspective when I lost Ruby and Gus. By God’s grace, I had fantastic priests who opened my eyes to all our beautiful Catholic faith has to offer. I was despondent when we lost Ruby in 2010 and when I talked with my priest about her loss, he made many recommendations which offered hope and healing. This was just the beginning of my journey.

Was my baby an angel? That’s what everyone seemed to call miscarried babies.

I felt like my baby was a girl, is that okay?

I want to name my baby, can I do that?

It wasn’t until until we lost our Augustus Jude (Gus) that my pastor shared one of the most healing aspects to my loss. Not a sacrament and not quite a rite, we were offered a Naming and Commendation Ceremony. It was an incredible service and not something I ever expected since little Gus was only 10 weeks along in gestation when he passed.

So as Catholics, how do we know what options we have when we miscarry a baby?

In this book, you will be provided information you need to walk the journey of miscarriage from suspecting you are miscarrying to beginning the grief process. I am excited to expand on the knowledge I already possess on miscarriage through my own personal experiences and from the hundreds of families I have served in my bereavement ministry.

Coming soon!