Pregnancy Loss Awareness Project

We are creating a pregnancy loss awareness video. We are looking for at least 50 people to participate in the project. Our goal is to find at least one person to describe their pregnancy loss from each gestation age.  We need you to share this, in order to get the word out so we can meet our goal.

To participate, describe pregnancy loss in one word. Send in a video of you saying the word, a picture of you holding a sign describing in one word, your pregnancy loss, or any other creative way to describe in one word, miscarriage or stillbirth. Once all entries are turned in, we will compile all of them into one video set to music. The purpose is to bring awareness to pregnancy loss. As most of you know, 1 in 4 women will experience a pregnancy loss.

All entries must be received by July 31st, 2015.

Call to Action!

Have questions on how to send in your photos or video? Send me an email here!

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