Visiting the emergency room with a threatened miscarriage can be extremely traumatic for both the patient and the staff, especially if the miscarriage completes during the visit. Emergency room staff are not usually well trained in this area. Sometimes staff will look to a nurse who has been through pregnancy loss in an attempt to help the patient and her family through their emergency room visit but oftentimes the nurse assigned has no real understanding of how to help a family through miscarriage.

Elizabeth Petrucelli is available to talk with your medical team to give them a better understanding of how to help with pregnancy loss.

Staff will learn:

  • How to communicate with the miscarrying patient
  • What to say/not say during this difficult time
  • Options beyond expectant, medical, and surgical management
  • Softer ways to discharge the patient
  • Resources to offer the patient (beyond therapy)
  • How to create positive interactions between staff members including front desk personnel and the patient
  • Follow-up care (yes, this is important)
  • The unique needs of pregnancy after a loss

Elizabeth understands that nurses have limited time and can present this during staff meetings/huddles; however, a one hour block of time is always recommended to ensure staff feel comfortable and to answer all questions. Book her today!