Elizabeth’s new book,

It’s Not “Just” a Heavy Period; The Miscarriage Handbook

It's Not "Just" a Heavy Period; The Miscarriage Handbook

The Miscarriage Handbook, “It’s Not Just a Heavy Period,” is an immediate resource for women receiving the diagnose of miscarriage. The book helps women understand what they may experience when they learn their baby has died or are experiencing a miscarriage. This book helps caregivers provide women with the ultimate resource on what to expect, the woman’s options for delivering her baby, helps the family understand and choose a final resting place for the physical form of their baby’s body, warning signs during miscarriage, after care for the woman, grief and mourning, and memorializing their baby.

This book also gives readers ideas for how to tell their friends and family, how others may react including their partner, and a guide for friends and family on how to help and what to say/not say. Tear outs are included which helps the grieving family share their needs with others. The book encompasses all aspects of miscarriage and the grief women may experience.

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