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Progesterone Injection

After a long hard fight with my insurance company, I was finally prescribed progesterone supplementation. I rushed downtown to pick up the prescription. It is only compounded by the one pharmacy and it was definitely out of my way. They offered to have the prescription sent to a closer pharmacy but that would take a least a day. I couldn’t wait. I needed to get started on the supplementation right away.

When I picked up the prescription though, I noticed it wasn’t enough. There were only about 30 suppositories in the bag. There should be twice that. The prescription called for one suppository a day. That was 200mg but in every other pregnancy, I took twice that. I took a suppository in the morning and at night. Even with one a day, this amount would only get me to week 10 and there were no refills ordered on this.

I didn’t think they were taking me seriously. I began to struggle. I couldn’t call them back. They had prescribed something and I felt I needed to be grateful so at this point, I needed to look elsewhere.

I posted to my Catholic Pregnancy group and explained my situation. I was glad I did. I was referred to the Pope Paul VI Institute. Why hadn’t I considered them before? I have even seen a local doctor that specialized in NaPro technology. A Catholic doctor is what I needed to help me through this but none of that even crossed my mind.

I called them the next day. I had to leave message for the nurses to call me back. I assumed it would take most of the day but to my surprise a nurse called me back within five minutes. Within the hour, I had all my medical information to them and by 2pm, I had a prescription for progesterone injections. I couldn’t have been happier.

They took my situation seriously. They understood the need and desire to help this baby grow by giving them the best chance at development. They are pro-life. This is what I needed in this moment.

I was given all the instructions on how to take the progesterone and that evening, had my mother-in-law at the house to show hubby how to give the injections. It was quite an interesting evening too because my mother-in-law was scared to give me the injection. She hadn’t given one in a long time and she didn’t want to hurt me.

Her injection was nearly painless. Hubby’s? Well, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either.

I had to take two injections twice a week. It would become very expensive so I ended up ordering a compounded version from their pharmacy. This brought me down to one shot twice a week.

Insurance didn’t cover any of it but the cost to use the Pope Paul VI Institute was $60 plus the cost of the medications. It was reasonable enough and helped me save my baby. All my care was taking place in Omaha. I felt confident and cared for.