I can’t believe I have made it to 30 weeks of pregnancy! I have been feeling better about the pregnancy although my largest fear is that my baby will still die. I know that because of my previous loss that this will always be a thought in the back of my mind. It certainly doesn’t consume my every thought, but the moment I don’t feel this baby moving, I begin to worry. I am so glad that I have a doppler and can listen to the baby’s heartbeat every time I feel this way.

One update is that I am going to be off work beginning next week! I can no longer fight with combative patients or run to emergencies. After nearly being kicked in the belly by a patient last Monday, I realize I have no choice. My belly sticks out too far and bending over a gurney with the side rails up is next to impossible. I still have quite the range of motion everywhere but it’s time. I ran to a fire alarm today and am hurting really bad.

I have been having some pelvic pain and have been seeing a chiropractor for the Webster Technique. At first, I felt no relief but the second adjustment brought me so much relief I was feeling really good. I felt so good, that I ran to a fire alarm today. Once I was done…the pain was tremendous! I can barely move and nearly fell out of my car on the way home getting gas because I couldn’t support myself. I am glad I am seeing the chiropractor again tomorrow and I hope she can make an adjustment so that I can at least walk without pain. I also hope I can get through the day tomorrow!!!

I am definitely loving this time of my pregnancy. Joey is very excited and loves to hold my belly. He talks to my belly, puts his head on my belly, tells me how big I am getting (in a positive way) and also waits to feel the baby kick him. He can’t wait until he gets kicked in the face through my belly. Sometimes he listens to the baby and swears he can hear the baby moving inside. It’s so wonderful.

I will have some pregnancy pictures soon and Joey will be a part of them. Other than his long hair, I believe the pictures will capture these precious moments we have each day. I am so excited for him to become a big brother!

I still can’t believe I am on this journey. Some days, it’s pure excitement. Other days, pure fear! I was told this was normal and I expected it but sometimes it still takes me by surprised that I am scared to be doing this, that I might lose the baby, and of course, that I am starting all over again.

I look forward to the next 8 weeks of bonding with my baby, focusing on my body, nourishing my body, preparing for the birth, learning to relax and most of all preparing my home for this new life which we can’t wait to welcome into this world!

We are blessed by God!