It’s exactly one year from the Aurora Theater Shooting. I DID return to the theater in January of this year and I have watched a few movies there since it reopened. Joey has even seen movies by himself in the theater; which is something we thought we would never allow again. The theater is completely different inside and it looks much better. It’s brighter and a few areas were moved around and changed but ultimately, the scars are still there. They always will be.

I wrote three blogs about this incident last year. Two are here: And another here:

Our lives were changed dramatically after that incident. Those blog posts were raw entries about how I was affected by this tragedy as well as how my family was affected. It is difficult to go back and read them just because I put myself out there and shared my wide range of emotions. Judgment and criticism from others is always difficult to deal with but ultimately, I am glad it is out there for others to see. There are many walks of life affected by the tragedy and not just those who were there.

Jason’s involvement in the disarming of the bomb in James Holmes’ apartment was never posted nor seen in the news although I have shared his story with others and it will be in my next book, SWAT Wife. This was a difficult grief journey for my entire family. I can’t imagine the grief experienced by those who were there as well as the families of those who were injured or lost their lives. I say this frequently, no parent should EVER have to bury their child!

This post only serves as a reminder and memorial of that day. We will NEVER forget 7-20-12.

#RememberAurora Newscasts: