I have been waiting for the criticism about my book and finally found it, although it happened two months ago. I was checking SEO stuff on my book when I came across a follow-up post on “The Broken Ovary,” a website dedicated to helping women who suffer from PCOS. Since I am a person who also has PCOS, I joined the forums there. As written in my book, I am also a part of SoulCysters. At one point, SoulCysters was having major issues staying live on the internet and many women bailed for The Broken Ovary.

I too, wanted to maintain contact with my online friends and moved over to The Broken Ovary and posted a few times there but also posted about my book since there was a new website I could relate to and offer support to women who lost their babies.

I created my post, “New book on First Trimester Miscarriage,” and provided an overview of the book. When my book was reviewed so eloquently by www.stillbirthday.com, I posted her review as well…with her permission. Then, the criticism started.

The first reply by someone with the name “Split Personality,” said, “I just don’t understand how you can get an entire novel from an early miscarriage. An article? Sure. An essay? Maybe. But, a chapter book? Seems a little OTT.” I had to look up what OTT meant. She must be younger than me. OTT means “Over The Top.” WOW, I feel old for sure. I used to think I was pretty savvy with the internet slang but is has changed dramatically since 1995. LOL!!

There was a follow-up post by someone stating that “Split Personality” was rude and another post asking how I knew my baby was a girl. Then the arguement began. It didn’t take long before the moderator jumped in an squashed the whole debate which lasted about 15 posts. There were some positives and negatives but my guess is, “Split Personality” hasn’t lost a baby because she couldn’t understand, just like I couldn’t understand until I lost Ruby.

I responded this morning offering my book for free to her and others on the board who both criticized and supported my post. Most of it seemed to circle around my self-promotion which is sad because the purpose of promoting is to get the word out about this helpful book. If I don’t promote it, no one knows about it and I want people to know about the book. I have only “spammed” where I was allowed to. I ask for permission and if I post, I was granted permission to post there, otherwise, I post in the areas designed for marketing.

I am sure some are under the impression I am making a boatload of money of the book; as if it’s some best seller and I am raking in the dough by marketing or sensationalizing my loss. Ugh! So far from the truth. I challenge people who feel that way to read it. The book is purely about helping women through such a loss.A few of the posts talked about how they have the “right” to judge and criticize the book since I put it out there and they are right, but I can also come back and explain. I don’t need to defend but I WILL try to help them understand. Unfortunately, I feel “Split Personality” and a few others are closed-minded and explanations won’t help.

So, I close with…I knew there would be criticism. Glad this is the only one I have found so far because ALL of the feedback I received before this was how amazing the book was and how thankful they were that I wrote it. I am so proud to have written it, even though I have put myself out there to be torn into so many emotional pieces and to have judgment passed.I know the Lord guided me to write this book so I draw upon his strength to keep marketing it.