I just completed four years of Biblical School and received a Certificate in Biblical Studies. I never imagined I would read the entire Bible AND be able to understand it. While there is so much more to learn, I am grateful for what I know now. My eyes have been opened.

We’re in the final chapters of Revelation aka Apocalypse. The fullness of what’s in Revelation would take more than the five weeks of study we receive. There is so much in Revelation and it can be quite confusing. The Dragon, Beast, and Harlot are what was covered today. Satan.

How many believe Satan even exists?

He certainly does so if Satan exists, God exists. There have been tabernacles that have been stolen recently. These are often made of pure gold, worth thousands yet the tabernacle is discarded because what the person was after was inside. A priceless item. Christ Himself.

If they believe in the Real Presence, why do so many Catholic’s lack belief?

What will they do with Christ now that He has been stolen? Most likely a Satanic Ritual where horrific atrocities are performed, likely child sacrifice, sucking of each other’s blood, sexual rituals and more. Celebrities have been sharing their stories, many practice it. I pity them.

In Revelation, we are to see the Justice in God. God spills out his wrath on us, the sinners. Those who reject Him. The not-so-funny thing, people who love God, also reject Him so they think…I’m not going to hell. I’m not one of the bad ones. We are ALL sinners but are we constantly trying to turn back towards God and follow Him? Or are we so focused on living IN this world…the world we are not made for?

So what is Idolatry today?

Idolatry was easy to pick out in the Bible. The worship of gods like Zeus and graven images of calves. It’s hard to see today even though Pope Francis brought the idol Pachamama into the Vatican and allowed the worship of this goddess. But Idolatry today is even more discreet. Modern day idolatry is anything you love or prioritize over God.

Idolatry defined: “the worship of idols,” “extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something or someone.”

Idol: an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship. a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered.

“I just want to die and go to Heaven so I can see my dog, my baby, my child, my mother, etc.” You should want to go to Heaven to see God and only God. You will not need any of these people or pets in Heaven. If you need them, you likely won’t end up in Heaven.

This phone, sports/baseball game, food, etc…is more important than praying to God or going to Church/Mass. Some of you will say, this isn’t idolatry, it’s life. I again point you to, we should want NOTHING of this world and only the “after.” After, is God but you must love God, want to know Him, and serve Him in this world in order to have your “after.”

We spend our days searching for happiness. We are in a constant search for more yet we seem to never find the “more” we are looking for. There always seems to be an empty hole that cannot be filled. You will only find it in God. When you think of Him often, pray to Him often, love Him often, serve His people (all His people, even those who hate you) often, and worship Him (His way, which he prescribed in the Bible which is the Mass).

We are so scared to place our Trust in Him. We say it to people all the time but do we do that? Do you actually place your worries, fears, anxieties, and needs at the foot of His cross and ask him to take them from you and then walk away trusting that He will? Do you thank Him for what He provides you? Everything you receive is from Him.

So when we place a device, a child, a friend, sex, sports, etc above God, we are practicing idolatry. We are pagans. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Him. Nothing should be placed over Him. Nothing should be desired over Him. You have free will. You can choose to love Him or you can choose to reject Him by living for this world.

We may not be happy in this world. We may suffer and face persecution from those we do not know and those we love but I promise you, what you suffer here for Him, will bring you to Him eternally. And that’s where I want to be and where I want you to be.