Miscarriage AnnouncementI spent much of today thinking about this bereavement doula journey I am on. I have been surrounded by stories of miscarriage and infant loss much of today and it’s draining so much out of me. I just want to sit and cry for all the parents who have lost a child. It doesn’t matter when that loss happened; I am grieving for you.

Can we stop losing our babies? No. There will always be death and death doesn’t always come with old age. I pray each night that I get to keep my children with me. As my friend Pat reminded me so eloquently, our children are only borrowed. They “belong to Him.” Oh how she is right. Borrowed is so true.

Pat lost her son not too long ago to cancer. She brings me hope. I am drawn to her and her strength and pray that I can remain positive and faithful through my own trials and tribulations. I am feeling very sad right now and I can’t sleep so I thought I would blog.

I just watched a video on the life and death of a baby and I can’t stop thinking about this recent loss and how the family must feel. There are no words. I am just so sad. I think I will stop now because I really have nothing to say. Will you sit in silence with me?

– Breaking the silence of First Trimester Miscarriage