As a Catholic who has experienced two miscarriages, I was quite lost about Catholic teaching when my babies Ruby and Gus died during pregnancy. By God’s grace alone, I had two fantastic priests who opened my eyes to all our beautiful Catholic faith has to offer but most women do not have such guidance. I had questions, that seemed unanswerable. 

Was my baby an angel? That’s what everyone seemed to call miscarried babies.

I felt my child was a girl, was that okay?

I wanted to name my baby, can I do that?

Where is my baby? (I wasn’t able to baptize them but would have if they had been born alive).

It wasn’t until until we lost our Augustus Jude (Gus) that my pastor shared one of the most healing aspects to my loss. Not a sacrament and not quite a rite, we were offered a Naming and Commendation Ceremony. It was an incredible service and not something I ever expected since little Gus was only 10 weeks along in gestation when he passed.

What is the Church teaching on topics such as autopsy, ectopic pregnancy, and cremation? My baby wasn’t baptized, can I have a funeral? What is Limbo? But most importantly, this book shares the way to giving the dignity your baby deserves.

Donum Dignitatis (Give Dignity): The Catholic’s Guide to Miscarriage, provides a “triage” guide to miscarriage and then some. It is designed to help you with impending miscarriage and the choices and options you have available to you not just from the medical community but gives Catholic teaching to ensure you and your baby receive the proper dignity you deserve. 

This book was given the Imprimatur from the Archdiocese of Denver. (See copyright page of book).