Understanding and Teaching Unexpected Outcomes

Coming Spring 2016!

Unexpected outcomes during pregnancy is a complex topic that is often overlooked during childbirth education classes. Parents who experience these unexpected outcomes are often left confused about why they never heard about them. Childbirth educators and doulas are concerned about bringing up these topics because they don’t know much about them or they don’t want to scare the pregnant mother.

Understanding and Teaching Unexpected Outcomes is a book and resource which gives the educator the tools and confidence they need to present these unexpected outcomes in childbirth education classes or prenatal appointments. Families deserve to know that negative outcomes sometimes happen yet they can still have a pregnancy full of excitement, love, and bonding.

The book will present statistics on each of the unexpected outcomes as well as the resources that go along with them. The educator will be presented with tools they need to understand each unexpected outcome and will gain an understanding on how to present these topics to their students.  The educator will brainstorm ideas on how to develop their own local resource list to present to their students, and will learn about ideas and activities they can use when teaching these topics.

The book is designed to be used by childbirth educators, doulas, and other birth professionals teaching on this often overlooked topic.