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The Miscarriage App: Because it’s Time!


Miscarriage App IconHaving a miscarriage can be a devastating experience. 1 in 4 women will suffer through pregnancy loss and most losses will occur through miscarriage. Miscarriage is defined as pregnancy loss prior to 20 weeks gestation.

Miscarriage is often a silent topic and often women suffer in silence feeling they are completely alone. Many women don’t understand their options not only for miscarriage, but what to do with their baby (especially very tiny babies.). Many are afraid to ask questions of friends and family for fear or judgment and misunderstanding. The Miscarriage App provides women with information on miscarriage and presents all her options.

The Miscarriage App is also beneficial for caregivers, birth professionals, friends, and family with sections on how to support women through miscarriage and helping them navigate their options. As a birth professional myself, I can see how helpful The Miscarriage App is for doulas, childbirth educators, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and any other profession that works with families experiencing miscarriage. Once downloaded, birth professionals will always have access to information on miscarriage and will not have to seek answers and support through books or other websites. It will all be here in The Miscarriage App.

The Miscarriage App was funded completely by donations and developed by Douglas Jones and Elizabeth Petrucelli. The application gives women miscarriage information with the click of a button. The Miscarriage App is available on IOS (May 2016) and Android in the Google Play store, December 2015.

Topics within the Miscarriage App are:

In this day and age, nearly everything has an app. It’s time to break this silence on miscarriage. It’s time for women to have instant access to their options and choices when it comes to miscarriage. It’s time for the Miscarriage App!


  1. Stacey Allen

    I am happy to have found your site! Gives me comfort. I will mourn my babies forever. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone when I feel so very alone.

  2. ElizabethPetrucelli

    Thank you so much for finding my site! I am so sorry you have had to go looking for support. If you need anything, I am here. I also have another organization called Dragonflies For Ruby ( which may be of benefit to you. You do not need to be local in order to use the 12-week mentorship program listed under SUPPORT. I am so sorry for your losses. – Elizabeth

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