I feel you move inside me all the time. You kick and roll and swipe and it is the most amazing feeling ever. Most days, I am in awe by your presence but some days, I fear you will be lost; as if you will dissipate into thin air. It’s like your soul will return to dust and you will be swept away into the Heavens leaving your lifeless body trapped inside me. I try to push those images out of my head and “think” you to move again so I know you are still there. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t.

You are now large enough for me to actually touch your body inside me. Sometimes you retract what ever limb it is that I am touching but most of the time, you touch me back. It brings such relief to feel you. Can you tell I am thinking about you today?

I often wonder what you will look like, how you will act, and if I will love you as much as I love your brother, Joey. I know that’s the wrong thing to say but I don’t know how a mother’s love can spread so evenly among her children. I know it happens, I just don’t know how. I love you tremendously and I haven’t even met you yet. I have so many wants and desires for you but I know you will be who you are and I am very excited to explore your personality.

We will meet soon, little one! Are you as anxious as I???