I just started teaching my Love and Logic series again. Oh, how I love this program. Watching the video’s with my students has brought back so many memories of when I took the class to assist me with parenting Joey. I can’t wait to apply these techniques so early with Timmy because we didn’t start Love and Logic with Joey until he was two.

I have never taught students with such young kids before. Both have children under two. It makes me so happy to see parents learning these techniques so early because their lives will be so much easier. Basically, they won’t have as many frustrations as I did or most parents do because they will have the skills and will have already formed that foundation.

So what is it about Love and Logic that I love so much? First, I love the humor that is brought to the table. Jim and Charles Fay are just so funny and make you laugh about all the dumb things we do as parents. I guess they aren’t really dumb. We truly think our methods will work, even though they didn’t with us. I am so happy that I learned some new skills for parenting Joey.

Second, I love that the techniques are so easy to incorporate. I am certainly not witty like they are but their website and Facebook page helps tremendously on finding witty one-liners! I am happy to have that kind of support, not only for my own parenting journey, but to pass on to my students.

Love and Logic is such an amazing program. I know some don’t believe in it. Some people even think that the techniques won’t work and some have “tried” the program only to say that it didn’t work for them. How hard did you “try?” I usually ask? It’s about consistency and breaking your pattern as well as your child’s pattern.

It CAN be done! I can’t wait to see how this class turns out. I would love to follow them as their children grow. Good thing I have their information. I should set a reminder to follow-up in a year.

Alas, I don’t think that will happen but I am so happy to be teaching these skills to new parents again. This class is so amazing and fun! I can tell they really want to learn these skills. I wonder what I would be like if I grew up in a Love and Logic home? What kind of person would I be? Would I really be different?