Redbud Tree

Dear Ruby,

Your tree is now a stump. I am so disappointed. I don’t know how this happened but we suspect the new dog ate your tree and is now nibbling on the stump. I checked on your tree just 2 days ago before the snow. I was worried it had died over the winter and was desperately hoping there would be new buds on it. Sure enough, there were a few new buds. I was reluctantly happy as I wasn’t sure if your tree would actually make it.

Well, this morning, I was letting the dog inside and asked him what he had been chewing on outside and your brother said, “Oh, so dad told you about the tree?” My heart sank and I knew exactly which tree he was referring to. Your tree. It’s gone. All that remains is the trunk. It stands about as high as you would be standing right now. I am completely sad and devastated that I no longer have a beautiful reminder of you in my backyard.

I was hoping this year the tree might bloom although I knew it was still early for this to happen in such a young tree. I only hope that the tree can be replaced but we can’t afford to do that this year because I am not working right now. I was looking forward to the red, heart-shaped leaves that would fall in autumn but there will be none this year. I am so sorry, dear daughter, that your tree has been destroyed.