REPUBLISHED FROM OLD BLOG ALL THAT IS SEEN AND UNSEEN (Apparently, this was my first blog post ever).

Why are people so silent about first trimester miscarriage? It is so common yet I don’t understand why our feelings are pushed aside. I realize that any loss of a child is difficult and “taboo” but it’s time to break this silence ladies! We MUST speak out! It’s okay for us to “feel” for our lost children no matter how small they were.

My daughter mattered and she was as small as a sweet pea. YOUR child mattered too!

I have a book up for grabs on my Facebook page. I am going to give it away for free because I messed up the autograph plus, I know someone can use the book despite the mistake I made. It’s not that big of a deal, but I don’t like it. In the process of giving away the book, I have asked those who want it to post why they want it. The first post has already moved me.

Her reasons for wanting the book are EXACTLY why I wrote this book. Women need to know they are not alone in their feelings. Women need to know it’s okay to cry, it’s okay they wanted their baby, it’s okay to feel their baby was a true child, and it’s normal to wish harm on pregnant women while going through grief.

Grief sucks! It sucks not matter what kind of grief it is. I have grieved many times in my short life of 36 years. I have lost my grandparents at different points in my life, I have lost friends (close and acquaintances), I have lost relatives, but NOTHING compared to what I felt with losing my daughter.

There was one loss that came close and that was when the world lost Chuck Eddie ( Charley, was an amazing person and awesome friend. I miss him everyday, just like I miss my daughter. I lost many tears when he died and still have a whole in my heart but his loss didn’t hurt like my daughters who was a tiny speck compared.

I will never know her just like you will never know your children, but it’s okay to cry. You don’t HAVE to stop caring. You don’t HAVE to stop loving them. You don’t HAVE to forget. REMEMBER THEM! Don’t listen to those who are telling you your loss didn’t matter. IT DOES!

Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting. Eventually, we have to come back to life. We WANT to come back to living and we can do so, by remembering, loving, and sharing. I am so sorry for your loss